vicomtech square imageVicomtech

Based in San Sebastian, Spain, Vicomtech is a research centre specialising in the fields of multimedia content, computer graphics and interactive technologies. The Human Speech and Language Technology department is leading the SUMAT project.



Established in 1987, ATC provides IT services for a number of specific sectors including media, banking and finance, utilities and the public sector, focusing on content management systems, web applications, HR software and e-learning systems.


In Vision


Based in the Netherlands, inVision is in the heart of the TV industry, with the main focus of the business activity being the translation of audio visual productions in a wide variety of languages from around the world. The main services offered to customers are translations, subtitling, DVDs and Digital video productions related to the field of translations.



VSI Group is one of Europe’s leading dubbing and subtitling companies, offering voice-overs, subtitling, lip-sync dubbing, translation, transcription, and access services in over 50 languages. VSI Group has its headquarters in the UK and 15 other offices throughout the EU, the Middle East, and the USA.


CapitaCapita Translation and Interpreting

Capita has a wide range of expertise in the development and application of machine translation technology and will be supporting SUMAT with the production and maintenance of the project Machine Translation engines.


DeluxeDeluxe Media

Deluxe provides translation of video content into 60+ languages for studios, broadcasters and VOD platforms. We create scripts, subtitles, captions, and foreign language audio as well as text localisation (menus, games, main and end credits), all centrally managed through an online Deluxe-owned and developed platform.


University of Maribor

University of Maribor

The Laboratory for Digital Signal Processing at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor, Slovenia, has more than 20 years of experiences in the research field of language technologies. Current fields of research include speech and audio processing, speech recognition and synthesis, spoken dialogue systems, speech indexing, text and speech centred translation, and automated services in ambient assistive living environments.


Titel BildTitelbild GmbH, a Red Bee Media company

Since 2008, Titelbild is a wholly owned subsidiary of world-leading media services company, Red Bee Media. We localize and adapt content worldwide. Our high-quality powerful mix of live subtitling, access services, translation will ensure your content travels well and is enjoyed by as many viewers as possible.


Text ShuttleTextShuttle

TextShuttle specialises in language technology solutions for the media industry, and has unique experience in building Machine Translation engines for use in subtitling. TextShuttle is a start-up company, founded in 2009. TextShuttle CEO Martin Volk is a professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Zurich and has been managing industry projects with Eurospider, Siemens, Xerox and SailLabs.